Educational / Student License

Access to all XSMP minor/major version upgrades and resources, released while the license is active (one year). Paid yearly, renewal is manual with student status verification.
Owner is free to use it for commercial jobs.

Special pricing for students of any high school, college, or university is available for XS Material Presets and is for a single one year license. Upgrades are included over the course of the year.
Students must provide proof of current enrollment at an academic institution to qualify for academic pricing.
Faculty will need to provide a document of current employment at an educational institution to purchase a license.

Repo and Studio editions contain scenes for all supported rendering engines.
Professional edition contains only for the selected engine (for example, selected Pro V-Ray - include only scenes of V-Ray Material Lab).
Studio edition contain Pre-built Material Presets Libraries for all licensed version supported rendering engines.
If your major version term overlaps with a new release or update of Presets Library, your XSMP Studio edition license will be eligible to obtain the new Presets Library (when it is created) for other rendering engines, which can be used for the duration of your license period.
Professional edition contains only for the selected engine (for example, selected Pro Corona - include only Pre-built Material Presets Library for Corona Renderer).
XSMP Material Manager can handle any material supported by 3ds Max. Only generating preview is limited to supported rendering engines.
Repo and Studio editions can render preview for all supported engines.
Professional edition - only for selected rendering engine (for example, selected Pro V-Ray - can render preview images with V-Ray).
The number of educational licenses of any XSMP edition is limited to one per student / educator.
The XSMP educational license can be used for commercial jobs and cannot be transferred.
Prices do not include taxes.
Proxy purchases (buying student licenses for somebody else who is not a student) are not allowed.
We will decline all requests that appear to be proxy purchases.
We will also terminate any purchased student licenses that are being used by somebody else.