The XSMP is integrated directly in 3ds Max and therefore does not need additional modules for communication with the host software.


1What is Perpetual License?
Perpetual license is the traditional model. It's principal advantage is that you can buy the license once and use it forever without any further charges.
To use the license, internet connection is necessary at least once in every few days, so the licensing server can check validity of your license and Activation Key.
2Does an Perpetual License require a Maintenance Plan?
A Maintenance Plan subscription is needed to ensure that you receive all future upgrades (major and minor). Without a Maintenance Plan (after subscription cancellation or expiry and non-renewal), only minor upgrades are available for the major version purchased.
3Where can I find the Activation Key?
The Activation Key can be found in the purchase order and you will receive by e-mail.
4How long until I get an Activation Key after I pay?
A few seconds later. Immediately after the payment you will get e-mails with your Activation Key that you can immediately use to activate XSMP.
5Is it possible to install XSMP on my home and office computers using the same Activation Key?
Yes, it is possible. However, you will not be able to use XSMP at the same time on both machines. You will have to deactivate Key on one computer and activate it on another.
License is node-locked – but it is re-hostable. This process is not automatic.
6Is there a planned Floating / Concurrent licensing model?
Yes. We are working in this direction.
7Can I resell my XSMP license?
Yes you can, but please notify us first, so we can update our licensing server records.
If you are buying a license, do not trust unknown people selling licenses over internet. Please contact us first to verify the seller. Some scammers are buying licenses with stolen credit cards and reselling them. These Activation Keys will get revoked / blocked.


1What is Maintenance Plan?
Siger Studio’s Maintenance Plan offering is included for the first year with all XSMP editions: Repo, Pro and Studio. Maintenance Plan is subject to annual renewal.
Maintenance Plan gives permanent access to future major versions (5.0, 6.0, …), new material libraries, etc... released while the Maintenance Plan subscription is active.
2How do I purchase Maintenance Plan?
When you first purchase any XSMP edition, the list includes one year of Maintenance Plan. After your first year of Maintenance Plan, your contract will renew automatically unless you choose to opt-out.
3How do I know if my Maintenance Plan has expired?
We’ll send you a reminder when you’re coming up for renewal with all of the information you need. If you’ve not seen this reminder, you can request a callback from our support team.
4What happens if I don't want to renew my Maintenance Plan?
As you’ve bought a perpetual license from us, that’s always going to be yours whether you renew Maintenance Plan or not. However, if you opt-out of the Maintenance Plan auto-renewal, you won’t be able to get any major upgrade, improvements, new materials and support priority, only to bug-fixes (minor version upgrades) and (depends on edition) pre-built library updates for the licensed version.
5Is the Maintenance Plan subscription valid for 365 days, or until the end of the year?
365 days.


1Who is eligible?
  • Students enrolled in high school / college / university: each student is only eligible for one single-user license. A proof of current academic status is required.
  • Schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions: any government-accredited school can order educational license(s) for classrooms on a school purchase order.
2Can I use my license for commercial jobs?
Yes. You are free to use your licenses for personal and commercial projects.
3Can I use the license even after I graduate?
Yes, it can be used until it expires (1 year after purchase), but without the student status it cannot be renewed.
4Can I resell my XSMP license?
No. The license is not transferable as it was issued to you based on your student status.
5Can I use my license on more than one computer?
Yes. The educational licenses are node locked, but re-hostable, which means that one license can be used on multiple PCs. You can activate the license on one PC, then when you finish your work and deactivate the license (XSMP Settings > Deactivate License), and then you may activate the same license on another PC and continue using it. The typical case is using the same license on a school PC and a home PC. To use the license, internet connection is necessary at least once in every few days, so the licensing server can check validity of your license and Activation Key.