A software for 2D and 3D artists that generates parquet and tile patterns very quickly and efficiently


Siger Studio's PARQUETEX is a new incarnation of a previously released software. The earliest implementation was back in 2010.

Parquetex can also be useful for 2D artists. For example, when you need to quickly create mosaic backgrounds etc.

The main purpose of Parquetex is to generate parquet and tile patterns of various geometries (rectangles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons...) using the Image Source.
All generated patterns are seamless. The image can be exported in several formats (PNG and TIFF) with a transparent or opaque background in the color of your choice. Further processing of the exported file and creation of other texture channels is possible in graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, etc. You can see how to do this in the User Guide (tutorials will be continuously updated for beginners and more experienced users).

Key Features


Image Source

Parquetex uses images rather than individual tiles to generate the pattern. This allows for a greater variety of individual elements that are generated randomly.

Super-fast pattern generation

Parquetex makes efficient use of modern technology, resulting in very fast generation speeds (up to one second for a medium-size pattern (approx. 4K to 6K).


The generated pattern can be exported to several file formats. Transparent or opaque gap between elements is possible. Preview Canvas can also be exported.

Pattern Menu

A wide range of available patterns, with a continuously expanding list. There are many possible variations of each pattern generated randomly.

Post Process FX

Hue, Saturation and Lightness can be applied randomly to elements in the generated pattern (or Preview). This further increases the variety of elements.


The generated content can be edited as individual items. A fast and user-friendly editor is available for this, using the same Image Sources as for content generation.


Demo restrictions

  • Preset Templates cannot be saved and opened.
  • Neither Preview nor Content Canvas can be exported.
  • The Content Elements Editor is not available.
  • No updates.
  • Before installing Parquetex, please make sure your computer system meets the requirements.

Quarterly Subscription


  • €4 Per Month
  • Pay every three months.
  • Price do not include taxes.

Annual Subscription


  • €3.75 Per Month
  • Pay annually.
  • Price does not include taxes.
  • The subscription starts from the date of purchase.
  • The subscription can be renewed automatically or manually.
  • If you cancel subscription, the software will run until the expiry date of the licence you purchased. However, you will no longer be able to download updates.
  • To activate a cancelled subscription, you need to buy a new licence or contact support to renew your previous subscription (to keep your previous licence key).
  • Before installing Parquetex, please make sure your computer system meets the requirements.