The Material Library and texture maps are integrated directly into the Cinema 4D Content/Asset Browser databases and does not require additional modules.

A whole set of Corona | Cinema 4D materials, in a Cinema 4D assets database, that allows easy access and use of material libraries.
Choose from hundreds of unique, highest quality bitmap-based and procedural materials to drag and drop into your Cinema 4D scene.
All materials offered on SIGER STUDIO come with the relevant texture maps as needed.
These materials work only in the Chaos Corona | C4D renderer.

Premium quality material collection

All our materials have been tested by professionals on real projects and were highly appreciated.
Each material has been meticulously designed to allow professionals and newcomers alike the ability to produce stunning imagery with ease.

The materials have also been expertly optimized for both speed and quality.

We take the guess work out of creating superb looking materials, leaving you to focus on the more important parts of your project.


Material Presets

Seamless High-Res textures

Our textures are created and edited by hand and custom-built software / hardware to ensure that all textures are perfectly seamless when applied in your work, whatever your field. Many further steps are necessary to remove perspective distortion, correct lighting and to eliminate the seams.

We produce and offer only high-res textures (no point to offer low-res textures (we consider everything below 2000px x 2000px as low-res)).

We continuously work on new techniques to perfect our workflow and to maximize the quality of our products. Only high-quality textures (4K and above) are used. The bitmap textures are stored in Content / Assets Browser database to ensure that maps are found when materials are loaded.


Texture Maps


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Subscription Plan

125/one time signup fee

+ €56 Per Year

Recurring billing. Cancel anytime.
Unlimited access to all SIGERSHADERS CORONA | C4D MATERIAL PRESETS minor / major versions and resources, released while the subscription is active. If you don't pay (or cancel) your annual subscription, you won't have access to all updates and downloads, but you'll be able to use the version of the material library you've purchased forever at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with a Subscription?
Unlimited access to all CORONA | C4D MATERIAL PRESETS minor / major versions and resources, released while the Subscription is active.

Will I lose access to downloads when my Subscription expire?
If you don't have an active Subscription, you won't be able to access the downloads, but you'll be able to use the materials library you've already bought.

What is Siger Studio's subscription refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds on Subscriptions. This is the only way we can offer you 3D materials and shaders at the industry lowest prices. It is also the only way (Subscription) to create new 3D materials, shaders, textures and improve existing.

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