Material Pack 0007 – Parquet

30.00 excl. VAT

This pack contains 4 complex material sets of Parquet. Some parquet material comes with three or more color variations and four finishes: Raw, Oiled or Hardwax, Semi-Gloss varnish and Gloss varnish.

Advanced material setups with anisotropy, shallow angle reflections, accurate varnish layer model – 48 materials in total.

For custom color variations collection includes diffuse maps in uncompressed PNG format. You may use these to create your own color variations without having to worry about compression artifacts of JPEG files.

Beside several color variations, each material texture consists of maps containing information to surface normals, surface height, reflectivity and anisotropy. Normal, bump, specular maps are essential to be able to achieve photo-real and authentic render results.

Pack includes ready-to-use material setups for Corona | Cinema 4D R25+.

Purchased files will be available for download from Customer Area > Downloads.
Downloads Filesize: ≃4.23GB

Installing the Material Pack in C4D R25+



  • Real Size: 320 cm x 320 cm
  • Pixel Size: 12000 px x 12000 px
  • Seamless: H / V

Parquet TRICOT

  • Real Size: 360 cm x 360 cm
  • Pixel Size: 9000 px x 9000 px
  • Seamless: H / V


  • Real Size: 360 cm x 360 cm
  • Pixel Size: 10800 px x 10800 px
  • Seamless: H / V


  • Real Size: 200 cm x 200 cm
  • Pixel Size: 10000 px x 10000 px
  • Seamless: H / V