Major version upgrade

  • Please use the latin alphabet when providing your name and surname.
  • Please provide an email address that is registered at Siger Studio account.
  • Please enter your current (version 1.x.x) activation key (s). If you have more than one key, enter them in a new line.

Please carefully fill in the request form using English only.
All information will be sent to us, and we will proceed with issuing the license.
The whole process should not take long time, and after it is done, we will contact you using the email address you provided.

You will receive a 50% off coupon which you can use to purchase a new version of XSMP. Coupon is valid for any XSMP edition and License model.

The coupon is generated individually and is valid for one purchase only.

Note: Your old activation key will be removed from the licensing server and you will no longer be able to activate it.


Deactivate your current key. XSMP | Max Settings tab > Deactivate.

Follow the steps.